Sunday, February 28, 2010

Recruiting bookmark sellers and inspired youth

I've got 40 new bookmarks ready - well 30 now because Jessica Taylor ( bought the first 10. But no worries, I've got more in the works, thanks to Cindy Lepine and Monica Kahindo who I've recruited for the bookmark sweat shop.

If you would like one, let me know. It's a $10 donation. If you think you might be able to sell a few - also great! Maybe your work colleagues, friends or family would be interested ins upporting the orphanage this way?

I'd also like to put the call out there to hear from the youth who are keen to get involved. We're building some opportunities for you! We're also looking at ways that you can put in your community service hours for school credit.

For the little ones, I'm collecting drawings and letters that I can send to your peers at the orphanage. I have a few letters I have to write myself to some of the older girls, so I thought this a nice opportunity to get some of the children we know involved. Send me your drawings and letters!

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