Saturday, February 13, 2010

Going forward, next steps for fundraising

Going forward:

I wanted to thank you again for supporting the fundraiser and share with you information on how our funds were used, not only to buy furniture, but to help in a crisis situation. It turned out that our money arrived just as the orphanage was running out of food and baby formula. I’ve put more details on how our funds were used in the attached document.

Many of you said that you would like to make a donation or buy a bookmark, but we didn’t get the chance to connect before I left. Now’s your chance! Please contact me if you are still keen.

Since returning from Uganda, many people have asked me: “Wasn’t it sad to see those children?”

The answer is no, I didn’t feel sad. Frustrated at times, but mostly, the orphanage was inspiring.

I continue to be inspired by so many of you that have told me you would like to continue to support the orphanage. We have a real TANGIBLE opportunity here to make an enormous difference in a child’s life. There is a church group in the UK currently running a sponsorship program to pay for the children’s education, food and living expenses. The sponsorship is working, but there are other areas of need.

Some of the areas that I will be focusing on to raise funds for are:

· SCHOLARSHIP FUND: This will be a scholarship program for the orphanage’s youth who are preparing to go to university. The only thing stopping them is not being able to pay for it. We can help change the perpetual cycle of poverty for these children by funding their post-secondary education.

· DONATING USED CLOTHING, TOYS, Etc: I am currently building a list of items that we can send to the orphanage to help them. Items will include clothing for boys, toys, eye glasses, paper, pens, etc., that we can send to them.

I’m currently preparing documentation to turn this into a solid fundraising program. I’m also recruiting a team of like-minded souls who will help to champion this cause. Please do let me know if you’d like to get involved. If you are interested to keep getting updates about fundraisers, please do let me know.

Otherwise, I hope that you will continue to support our fundraising efforts – bookmarks and some other new items are in the works!

Thank you again. You all reminded me that if we all give just a little, we really can make an impact.



  1. Hey Karen. Thanks for the update! And I look forward to sending things that the children need!

  2. thanks Jen! I'll connect with you and arrange a way to pick up things once we're ready to ship stuff over! No plush toys for the kids...they get so dirty:) Karen