Saturday, February 20, 2010

A letter from yoneki

Monica brought this letter home from Uganda addressed to me from one of the teenagers at the orphanage. The orphanage doesn't have email, so it was hand-written. I received it today and wanted to share it with you because it’s something very special to me, and because it’s just so cute! It’s a real honour to know that she is thinking of me and that I have made an impact – if only just a small one – in this girl’s life.

The letter is from Yoneki, who I called Unique, because she is indeed unique! At age 15, Yoneki has grown up in the orphanage and you could easily mistake her for a House Mother. She never stopped working – preparing food, laundry, gardening and caring for the babies. She was a natural care-taker and I would not be surprised if she one day goes on to be a nurse or a teacher. Yoneki was the eldest girl in my house and so I got to spend a lot of time with her – helping her in her chores. She is in her senior fourth level at school – she has a few years left before she thinks of university or vocational training.

Hello Karen,

How are you now that you are in Canada? To me, my life is not very well because you left me! Thank you for the letter you wrote me, I received it. Karen, in the letter you promised that you would be hearing from me in the future, but how and by what means? I don’t think I will hear from you unless you come to Uganda or if you send me your phone number.

In your letter, I really thank you for saying that you think I am a special girl.
The day you left I had a dream that you were hugging me and then I cried. But my mind told me that if I cried it means you shall one day come back to Uganda.
Thanks goes to you for all of the good things you helped me with at (the orphanage) in Uganda.

Greetings in love to all of your friends in Canada.
Love from your brothers and sisters in NOTDEC, especially Ellen.
Wishing you the best in your work. I hope to hear from you. I miss you very much.

Best wishes, from Yoneki.

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