Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Good Karma Meditation- Feb 15

Valentine’s Day Meditation Workshop Fundraiser

Join us Saturday, Feb. 15, for a special hour-long meditation workshop with meditation/yoga instructor Vandana Juneja.

Meditation: A Walk Through the Chakras Check in with your heart post-Valentine’s Day! Lay back, relax, and sink into your mat as you are guided through a healing meditation to balance each of the seven chakras, with a focus on Anahata, the heart chakra. This warm, healing journey will leave you calm and centered, ready to face the days ahead with an open heart.

This special class is a fundraiser to help children from an orphanage in Uganda go to school. The Nzirambi Education Fund currently sponsors five young women in university and one young man in his final year of high school, all of whom have grown up at the Nzirambi Orphanage.

Who can come: This class is suitable for anyone interested in meditation; new or experienced.

When: Feb. 15 from 12:30PM – 1:30PM

Where: Toronto Yoga Mamas, 1402 Queen Street East, Suite D, Phone: 416 406 0116

What you need: Yoga mat, comfortable clothing, water. Also, bring a writing journal if you wish. TIP: Dress in layers to stay warm as body temperatures tend to lower during meditation.

Admission: Pay-what-you-can donation. All donations will go directly to helping orphaned children go to school. You can make a donation with credit card on paypal on this blog, or by emailing nzirambifund@gmail.com. (Suggested donation: $10-$20). Please RSVP to reserve your space

About the instructor: Vandana aspires to a healthy body, focused mind, and open heart, and is inspired by the power of yoga and meditation to transform these three pillars of life. “Yoga and meditation teach me so much, not only on the mat, but in everyday life. My practice helps me to cultivate joy, relieves stress, and encourages me to live mindfully in the present moment.” She seeks to empower students, encouraging a light-hearted, nurturing, non-competitive environment for personal growth. Drawn to find a deeper understanding of the mind/body connection, Vandana is combining her studies with the Coaches Training Institute based in California with her meditation practice to offer a guided meditation experience to rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul. She teaches yoga, pilates, meditation and various workshops across the city. In her day job, Vandana enjoys working for a non-profit organization focused on the advancement of women.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Ellen from Kampala

Ellen Kabugho is a very sweet and smart young women. She had one large hurdle to overcome in her life: she was born a girl. According to some members of her family, this makes her unworthy of receiving a full education. Some of her brothers had left home and moved to the city for good paying jobs but refuse to contribute to her school fees, just because she is a girl. While Ellen’s family was never well off, after her father died, her family’s situation got worse and there was less food in the house. Some days she went to bed very hungry, having only had dried tea leaves to eat.

Ellen struggled to get through her senior levels of high school; she suffered hallucinations from untreated pneumonia. But she kept trying. And she worked so hard that she was accepted to university in 2013. The Nzirambi Education Fund pays for the university fees. To support Ellen and the rest of the students click this link. Thank you.