Saturday, June 23, 2012

It Takes a Village...

Have you ever heard the African proverb “It takes a village to raise a child”? 

How true it is. In Uganda, the village does its part to help the boys and girls of the orphanage – everyone from the local matrons who started it more than 25 years ago, to the House Mothers who live there to support the children.

Here in Toronto, I was reminded of our own village that is helping to raise these children. It took real community spirit to pull the ‘Chocolate Affair’ fundraiser together – and I wanted to thank all of those who are now part of this ‘village.’

With your support, we raised $4000 during our night of all things chocolate. That’s enough to pay for two years of Veronica’s university tuition. Or enough to pay for six students to finish their final years of high school.

Your support truly does make a difference in the lives of the 101 boys and girls at the Nzirambi Orphanage in Uganda.

We never would have had this event if it wasn’t for these people who helped pull things together: Christine P (@wedding_crasher), Sandra B (@wallabina), Stella Z (@chocolachocola1) and Barb T (@barbturnbull).


 Thank you to our generous sponsors who made the night super sweet: ChocolaChocola (@chocolachocola1), Cocoa Latte (@cafecocoalatte), Le Dolci (@ledolci), Dragon’s Kitchen (@dragonskitchen), A Food Gypsy (@afoodgypsy), Steeped and Infused (@steepedandinfused), Cold Stone Creamery (@TOcoldstone).

And thank you to Caplansky for helping us bring some deli snacks to the party.

Thank you to these people who made generous donations that helped us with a successful and super fun raffle: The Chocolateria (@thechocolateria), The Body Shop, Nota Bene (@notabeneTO), ChocolaChocola, Grace and Angeline (@grancenangeline), Steve Roy at Solo Bace, Christine from Arbonne, Christine Cooper (@coopspeak), Iceberg Vodka, Live Food Bar (@livefoodbar), Starbucks (@starbuckscanada), SITAMAA (@SITAMAA), Clay (

A very special thank you to Aiden Fearn and his mom, Terrellyn, for their incredible donation. Aiden asked his friends to make a financial donation in lieu of birthday gifts, and he raised $400, making him the largest donor of the whole evening! Way to go, Aiden!

Thank you to Lindsay T and Andre for holding down the fort during the party. And thank you to Kateryna (@katerryna) for being a fine bartender.

Thank you Rob (@robsarj) for bringing us beats!

Thank you to Farhan Dhalla (@farhandhalla) ( for being a special guest and bringing us Angel Readings.

Thank you to TNY Photography for taking photos, which will be posted here:

Thank you to Stella for organizing party grab bags with donations from Chocolachocola, Blo, Goldwell and a CD by the lovely Fenulla. Thank you to Lawrence who helped get the kids’ stars ready so they could also be included in the grab bags.

What an incredible night! Thank you to everyone attended and making this night so special.

Our new friends at Cocoa Latte are already planning on a second Chocolate Affair....stay tuned!

(Please tell me if I’ve forgotten anyone – it’s a long list and highly possible! Don’t be shy!)

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