Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I'm in Uganda now -- we did a very quick trip to Bwindi National Park to see the mountain gorillas. We had to trek up a mountainous hill, but thankfully there was a porter behind me to help push my rump up the slope:)

We found three gorillas in the trees, one silverback, two young ones.

At one point the silverback came down from the tree and came about six steps behind me - then he plopped himself down and watched us watching him. It was incredible! The photos are amazing, but I can't post any yet!

I've been reading Gorillas in the Mist and feel so grateful to Dian Fossey - all of the things she did -- learn how to track gorillas, make them comfortable around humans and promote tourism and conservation is exactly what is being done now.

Anyone up for a Gorillas in the Mist movie date when I get back??

Monica's brother, Morris, is coming to pick me up in Kampala tomorrow and then we make the 6 hour trip to the village of Kasese where the orphanage is.

Can't wait to send you updates!

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  1. Sounds exciting! You're not afraid of the Gorilla's? I can't wait to see the photos! They must be exceptional!
    I look forward to your next update!