Monday, January 18, 2010

the feast, right to play

Great day yesterday, the House Mothers at the orphanage dressed in their fine African dresses, lots of food for the children to eat - overall a great celebration to mark the "official opening" of the orphanage. A special day considering just a few months ago all of the kids were crammed into one house -- and that the very first orphans lived with Aunt Dorothy in a grass-thatched home.
A church group from the UK has sponsored the children and paid for the construction of four new buildings for them. The homes are great - except there is no electricity and running water -- an issue that desperately needs to be sorted out. (They are working on it....)
Some of the children are falling ill, likely because of it. To help this, a nursing student has been hired (for a small fee) to live at the home and check on the children daily.
It's obvious the home has come so far - but the need is still great in so many ways.
One thing I'm eager to inquire about is whether Right to Play is interested to sponsor toys for the children (as there are virtually none). Anyone have any contacts there?
I'm also going to check with Bikes without Borders about getting more bicycles or parts for repair!

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  1. Hey Karen. I don't have contacts at Right to Play, but let me send them an email. I'll try my best, and I'll let you know what they say.