Friday, November 8, 2013

Your own garden in Uganda!

Imagine having your own garden in Uganda! For a donation of $150, the Nzirambi Education Fund will make it happen for you – we’re going to commemorate your donation by naming a patch of the orphanage garden after you. This garden is pretty special because it ensures that more than 100 children at the orphanage have fresh vegetables in their diet. It helps them be self sufficient so that they don’t have to purchase fresh produce elsewhere. When it comes to naming your garden patch, there are lots of crops to choose from – everything from cassava and cabbage to onions, eggplant and bananas.
There are lots of gardens to choose from – here are some examples!
Brunner’s Bean Way
Kerry’s Cabbage Patch
Cecile’s Cassava Corner
Nancy’s Nightshades: Eggplant Row
What’s up doc! It’s Colleen’s Carrot Bed
Barb’s Beetroot Bulbs
As the holidays approach, please help us to make dreams come true for children of this Ugandan orphanage and show your support. Visit our Rockethub fundraising page to find out more information on how to name your garden.

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