Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Meet the students we are supporting in 2013

In 2013, the Nzirambi Education Fund will be helping 8 youths from the Nzirambi Orphanage in Uganda to go to school. Below are new photos of the students we will be supporting.

This is Pelucy! With your support, our fund was able to help Pelucy finish her last two years of high school. Now, she is getting ready for university later this year and is hoping to study business administration.

We're very excited that Dan has done well in his studies and this year we will be supporting him through his final levels of high school. He's getting really great marks in class, so I'm sure he will be university bound in a few years as well!
This is Ellen! Our Education Fund supported Ellen through senior levels of high school and now she's getting ready for university. She is planning to apply for studies around community services to help give back to her community.

Patricia also just finished her final levels of high school and is planning to attend university in the fall.

This is Priscilla, Patricia's twin. Both girls are also gearing up for uni this year. Right now they are studying a computer skills course.

In the middle is Yoneki. Our fund is supporting Yoneki to study a care-giving course in 2013. She is really great with the kids at the orphanage - it's such a natural fit for her!

Patrica, Pelucy and Priscilla
This is Vero - She's doing great! She's completing her second year of law school, which we have supported her through (and cheered her on quite loudly from Canada :)

This is Oscar! We are super proud of Oscar who we are supporting in his second year of college where he is taking a digital art program.

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