Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fundraising Goals: Dreams of Attending University

Dreams of attending university

When she was just a year old Veronica Nabasinga was brought to the Nzirambi Orphans Talent Development Centre in western Uganda. Her mother had just died of AIDS. Her father was unable to care for Veronica -- his youngest child, his only daughter. The orphanage took her in.
At the orphanage, Veronica has thrived.  She has grown into an ambitious young woman, committed to her studies. In 2011, Veronica was accepted to law school at the University of Kampala becoming the first of 100 children at the orphanage to be accepted to university. However, there was no funding available for her to attend.

Inspired by Veronica, the Nzirambi Education Fund was established to help ensure that not only Veronica, but the 100 children of the orphanage will have opportunities to attend university, college or senior levels of high school.

Higher levels of education are especially critical for these children, giving them additional resources to become leaders in their communities and break free of the cycle of poverty that has defined their families.

We need your support

Over the next three years (2013-2016), the Nzirambi Education Fund aims to raise $50,000 -- enough funds to see six youth through university, two through a vocational training program, one through college and another through senior levels of high school. Already, our fund has supported Veronica in university, four students through senior levels of high school and one in college.

Your support to the Nzirambi Education Fund is critical in helping these children so that they may be the next generation of smart, productive and well-educated Ugandans contributing to the future of their country.

For more information, you can connect with the Nzirambi Education Fund on Facebook at, follow the blog or email

** In this photo:   Veronica shown here with Baby Steven. Steven was found abandoned in a garbage dump on Boxing Day in 2010. Veronica, now 18, has lived in the orphanage since she was just one-year-old. The Nzirambi Education Fund helps these children go to school

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