Thursday, March 25, 2010

Inspired People for an Inspiring Cause

The last few weeks have been a bit of a beehive of activity, so I thought to write a quick blog to update everyone and give a huge shout out to the people who are helping us.

Mother’s Day cards
One thing we are gearing up for is to sell cards for Mother’s Day. The cards have a photo of a House Mother or children on the front (The photo here is one of the ones on the card). Pikto Gallery in the Distillery ( gave us 50% off the price so that we could print high quality, super awesome photo cards for this.

We’ve managed to recruit tons of people to help sell them, and so far, we’ve put more than 150 out there. Some of the sellers are:

Jessica Taylor, Aynsley Morris, Jen Mayville, Judy Degagne, Natalie Francis, Nancy Horvath, Lindsay Tipping, Betty Noakes, Farah Ng, Sharon Snider, Kira Neves,Tungi and Nezahat. Kim McCutheon, Monica Kahindo and Cecile Peterkin are also helping to get these cards out into the world!

I’ll have more updates on these soon, or you can email me or Monica for info. If you want to purchase a card – for a donation – contact any of us listed here.

A special delivery
On April 15, Monica and I are sending a suitcase of stuff to the orphanage.

Jen Nehme, who has been following the blog and facebook page, donated a pile of her son’s clothing – we definitely need boys clothes as there are more boys than girls there. Fiona Wagner also offered some clothing, but I’m going to have to include her doantions in our next shipping.

I went to a clothing swap at Carey Toane’s house last weekend and picked up a few more clothing items to send over.

My mom and I couldn’t resist shopping for a few items to send over. The one item that makes me smile most is the Magic Chopper, or whatever that thing is. In Uganda, the women are grinding peanuts with mortars and it takes FOREVER and it also hurts your arms! So I promised when I was there to find something to make that one task a little bit easier. (They make an absolutely delicious stew with the peanuts).

I also heard today that Kira Neves' grade school class was so inspired by the pictures she drew for the orphanage that her entire class is going to write letters and send pictures for the children in Uganda. Way to go, Kira!

Thanks everyone for your support. We're off to a very good start.


  1. Hey, I have a chopper I can send, too! I am such a terrible cook that I avoid all culinary procedures that involved using chopping things as much as possible!

  2. oh yes, I'll get that from you for the next package we send. There are four houses so we could send one to the other house as well. It's kind of funny, but Monica's eldest auntie was teaching me how to grind up the peanuts and make the stew. She is an elderly woman and was quite ill from malaria, but she was pounding away on the mortar. So I asked her to let me have a go at it. But, it killed my arms and I wanted to hand it back to her, but how could I dare! I don't think we realize just how muxh luxury we have. It took an hour to grind those nuts by hand. It would take three minutes with the chopper.
    I ate peanut stew two days in a row, it was so yummy. I can make it for you:)